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XModdz LLC was started in order to provide quality repair services. With manufacturers developing products with planned obsolescence. Ace knew there would be a high demand for electronic repair services. The main goal of the company was quality. Either it is done right, or its done wrong there is no in between. Any device repaired by Ace was repaired properly and he felt confident in returning it to the customer. The repair store continued to grow, with customers traveling from out of state to have repairs done by XModdz. Overseas soldiers even sent in items for repair.

Unfortunately there was a problem, the quality was not as it originally was and this was a huge problem for Ace. He had trained several technicians, around 30 and out of those 30, 2 of them were able to perform the job reasonably well. The reason many technicians did not last at XModdz was due to the main goal quality. Most technicians are looking for a single thing, and that is a paycheck. When the goal of the person repairing your device is money, they are focusing on time. The more repairs they can do the more money they can generate. Ace believed in repairing things for 2 simple reasons. He said he would, and the more electronics repaired, the less that will be thrown in landfills. Ultimately Ace was not able perform as many repairs himself due to a couple of reasons. He needed to focus on the business and finances in order to keep the store in operation. His disability prevented him from doing manual repair labor in a timely manner.

Eventually Ace thought of another way to help, using knowledge to educate others. By training technicians in proper repair they can increase success and reduce accidental damage. Both of these things increase revenue. Several companies were interested in in receiving proper training to offer their customers quality repairs. Most notably Playlive Nation a franchisor from Washington state, was a gaming lounge that offered repairs. The owner Duncan Wood had worked with Ace on several occasions and eventually decided to offer an exclusive contract to XModdz LLC for training services. This is when Ace made the decision to close the store and relocate to Washington state where the companies new focus would be on developing the repair procedures and quality control for Playlive Nation.

As Ace received many more consultation requests, he stopped doing repairs entirely. He wanted to focus his attention on his clients. This is when XModdz Corp was formed. XModdz LLC was a repair company, and since the store closed and repairs were no longer being performed it was time to end the company. XModdz Corp is strictly a consulting and training company.

With the quality of XModdz being well known, Ace now works with a manufacturing company to produce equipment used in electronic repair. XModdz is responsible for assembly and distribution of their current product, The BGA Rework Machine. With quality being the main focus, the decision to offer a limited lifetime warranty was a no brainer. Now technicians worldwide can not only receive great training, but they can also use reliable equipment to perform those repairs.

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