by XModdz May 6th, 2014 0 comments

Uneven heating no more with high quality ceramic IR plates

The cheap bga rework machines plagued the the industry and gave IR a bad name. Brands such as Achi, Scotle, LY, Bauer use cheap chinese heaters. Some used infrapara a little better brand but still chinese quality. The TBRM or The BGA Rework Machine has a clear goal to bring IR back. IR has many advantages over air, mainly the fact that it can remove plastic components such as sockets and connectors where air can not. Dont understand why, well its simple take a hair dryer and try heating a plastic component i mean thats how air works in the machine its air forced through a nozzle and is heated along the way. IR uses convection and radiation to heat the target component. The TBRM uses Elstein heaters which are made in Germany, you know the guys that make BMW.

So while the ACHI IR PRO SC was a great machine, i owned it in fact there is now clear competition which carries none of the flaws. Some of the chinese companies such as Scotle and LY use Elstein heaters in a few of their machines but with poor quality wiring and lack of quality control im not sold.