by XModdz March 30th, 2014 0 comments

We have always considered Jovy to be among the better Chinese manufacturers for entry level BGA Rework Stations. Their RE 7500 was extremely popular, but was also extremely criticized. The criticisms were mainly due to the small heating area and preheating power. This was not however fault of Jovy, as the RE 7500 was targeted towards mobile devices. Most rework technicians were using it for larger PCBs. This caused various issues, most of which were board warpage and flex. The Jovy RE 8500 was released to cater to larger PCBs. It did just that quite well actually. Many users complained about its manual control system and lack of PID control. But overall it was a solidly build machine.

We offered the Jovy brand to our customers as well as the other popular brands: ACHI, Scotle, LY, Honton and more. Recently they published a PDF which contained information from our article.