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 The Rise Of Extended Warranties & Fall Of Quality Electronics

The world is now run by personal gadgets. Mobile technology is all the fuss, why not? You can reach anyone, in minutes, regardless of how far they may be. Going mobile is the future and it is happening now. However in its prevalence, there still lies a few complications in its usage. One that is hardly glorified is warranty.

When it comes to gadgets, it may not be common knowledge that with the advent of more advance technology comes more sophistication, less worry, more convenience. But the annual hurried releases of new lineups, new operating systems, new apps and whatsoever has somehow regressed the capacity of electronics for stable usage.


The Problem of New Electronics

 Electronics giants are strategists. If I am to give you one great example of a brand to exemplify that, I'd say I can give you Samsung.

Samsung has first produced television sets. Not long after, they also produced computers, laptops, and smartphones worthy to rival its American counterparts. Where's strategy in there? This brand has aimed to produce not just one type of device, it now targets many other niches. If they can do more to earn more, why not? Contemplate and see what all the other competition are doing. They operate just the same. Heck, even Google now manufactures their own Nexus tablets.

So where's the major problem in there? Manufacturers spend a lot of money researching for new ways to excite the market with innovative products. But not without a cost, you see, these giants produce much sought after alterations of brands they introduce, year after year after year. The result: somehow crappier physical hardware.

Let's rescind to that truth. It's just the way it is now. Notice how some Europeans still has their very old phonographs working to this day? It's because manufacturers of the olden times produce sought after items that will work even for centuries. That is not the aim now. If you can manufacture something everyone wants and needs, do so with great innovation but do so fast!

If they want to sell more, they must produce fast, at times, sacrificing quality. We're not against these products though, we just want to realize the current trend and that we're here to help you protect yourself from this dilemma.


How to Protect Consumers?

There is another problem we haven't told you yet: most manufacturers of electronic brands you rave about only offer warranties for the products on a limited time. You'd be lucky to find a phone company offering longer terms than 12 months nowadays.

Slowly, people are realizing this so what do they do to leverage the situation? Have a play at extended warranties on electronic devices. Most often, these are applicable to mobile phones, TVs, and even laptops.

Most consumers still accept warranties at point of sale. Skeptics would ask why do they still have to when their brands already offer it for them? Two downsides for manufacturer-affiliated warranties: 1) It is too short and 2) It is very limited.

The fall then of manufactured warranties is inversely, on the rise. There are numerous other reasons too aside from the problem I have covered above that makes extended warranties a must.

You could either be a clumsy gadget user, or a certain product you want has a reputation of breaking easily [see the case with the first section] or that you are to use it extensively day and night. Well for all of these reasons, aside from the fact that you can extend your usually limited gadget warranties (did I mention, there are also companies that don't just extend years but also coverage?), getting yourself one can be the wisest thing you'll do today.