Xbox One Repair

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Creatively designed as a central entertainment hub, the Xbox One is a reflection of Microsoft’s intention to create a core console for an ultimate TV and gaming experience. With innovative improvements in design and hardware, the Xbox One is poised to surpass the Xbox 360 as a complete household entertainment portal. With any new technology there are errors or hardware failures, XModdz maintains a commitment to supplying quality solutions for Microsoft’s next generation console.

Xbox One Specifications  

A bit more bulky than its predecessor, measuring in at 13-inches wide, 3-inches tall, and 10.8-inches deep, the Xbox One is sure to be a conspicuous addition to even the most luxurious living room. The larger frame of the console combined with an abundance of cooling slats grant some breathing room to help avoid the overheating issues of the Xbox 360. Improved airflow in the Xbox One lightens the burden of the cooling fan, resulting in a system that runs much quieter. When planning the placement of the Xbox One, additional consideration should be given to the horizontal only design. While the option for a standing system configuration did not transfer from the Xbox 360, the large brick external power source has carried over to the next generation system.

Additional hardware advancements for the Xbox One include the all digital audio and video ports. Supporting only optical audio, a sound bar or AV amplifier can be attached to the Xbox One’s optical output to maximize the listening experience. The HDMI input allows the Xbox One to hookup to a satellite or cable box and feed broadcasts to the user’s TV through the HDMI output. The Xbox One also includes a Blu-ray optical drive, which will eliminate the need for another device huddled around your TV. For multiplayer gaming and Internet access the Xbox One offers the choice between wireless and Ethernet connectivity, through 802.11B/G/N Wi-Fi or the Gigabit Ethernet port.    

Upgraded from the Xbox 360’s triple-core PowerPC-based CPU, the impressive eight-core AMD Jaguar CPU serves as the brain of the Xbox One. Microsoft’s next generation processor is supported with an 853 MHz AMD Radeon GPU and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Presently, the standard 500GB internal hard drive is the extent of the Xbox One’s storage space.

Xbox One Controller 

While the Xbox 360 possesses a near perfect controller, Microsoft has managed to make several welcome enhancements for the Xbox One’s controller without drastically altering the familiar analog stick and button layout. The thumb sticks appear more responsive and have a slightly concave pad encircled with a textured rim resulting in a feeling of superior stability and accuracy. To address the main point of criticism about the Xbox 360’s controller, Microsoft has overhauled the D-pad. The refurbished next generation D-pad resembles a plus sign with a somewhat cupped design.

The new bumper buttons featured on the Xbox One controller are larger and positioned snugly above the triggers, eliminating the gap between the triggers and bumper buttons of the Xbox 360 controller. The new triggers include subtle outward pointing tips and a curved shape, allowing for comfortable placement of the user’s index fingers. A compelling advancement to the Xbox One’s controller, in addition to the present rumble packs in the grips, both triggers are now equipped with vibrating impulse motors. The dynamic impulse triggers are sure to have a pleasantly surprising immersive effect on auto racing and first person shooter games.

Microsoft has presented users with a more comfortable spacious grip by redesigning the rear of the Xbox One controller without screw holes or the obstructive battery pack. Like its predecessor the Xbox One controller still requires two AA batteries, however, the battery compartment fits smoothly into the back of the device.

Xbox One Kinect 2.0 

Powerful and sophisticated, this gaming console includes a creative and convenient interface when paired with the included Kinect 2.0. The addition of Kinect 2.0 allows users to interact with the Xbox One with simple voice commands and movements. The Kinect 2.0’s unique user interface is achieved with a 1080p camera, motion sensors, infrared sensors, and microphones. Along with improved resolution and tracking over the original Kinect, the next generation unit possesses a 60% larger field of view. After a swift facial recognition process, the advanced Kinect 2.0 will constantly scan the room and identify familiar users. Once a registered user is identified, profile log in is as simple as saying, “Xbox, log in.”

Complete with voice commands, allowing users to power the system and TV on or off, change channels, and adjust volume, the Xbox One provides any entertainment center with a state of the art sense of readiness. Kinect 2.0’s microphones are always listening and ready to provide convenient instant switching between gaming, live TV viewing, and internet based tasks, such as video streaming or answering a Skype call. Due to public outcry Microsoft reversed its pre-launch decision to force users to adopt the Kinect as the main interface for the Xbox One. It should be noted that while the Kinect is recommended, the Xbox One does not require its use.

Avoiding the Red Ring of Death

Learning from past mistakes, Microsoft has gone to some lengths to insure the Xbox One avoids the crippling red ring of death (RROD) that overshadowed the launch of the Xbox 360 and cost the company over one billion dollars to fix. To avert catastrophic overheating the Xbox One is designed to function as an advanced self-regulating system. Some internal components of the Xbox One are assigned separate power grids, allowing the console to reduce power consumption of specific elements when heat stress is detected. Monitoring its own fan speed, the Xbox One will recognize the maximum fan RPM as an indication to down clock the CPU to reduce internal temperature.  

XModdz Repair Services

The skilled technicians at XModdz can mitigate the RROD for Xbox 360 owners, and in the unlikely event that the RROD should occur in the Xbox One XModdz is happy to service the next generation console. Xbox One owners should take comfort in the knowledge that XModdz expert personnel possess the specialized techniques and tools required to repair the system’s printed circuit board (PCB). XModdz staff will happily remove and replace faulty chip or component soldering, clean chip’s ball grid array (BGA) and re-ball, or change out the entire PCB.

An exceptional piece of technology, the Xbox One is not without its potential deficiencies. The Xbox One’s disk drive features a warning label instructing the user not to move the console while a disk is in the drive. Users attempting to fix an improperly seated disk in the Xbox One drive run the risk of damaging sensitive internal components and the disk. Informed Xbox One owners should take advantage of the professional repair service XModdz has to offer, rather than risking further damage and warranty nullification with a home remedy attempt.

At the system’s launch numerous Xbox One users reported a disk drive hardware failure identified by a loud clicking noise and an inability to read disks. In the event of disk drive failure XModdz offers comprehensive Blu-ray repair to fix or replace the lens, motor, and drive assembly.

Important preventative maintenance, such as the deep cleaning service offered by XModdz, is uniquely designed to prolong the life of the Xbox One. Dirt and dust are common enemies of electronics, clogging airways and preventing heat from escaping. A system meant to last ten years can be brought to its knees in a fraction of that time by excess debris.

XModdz thorough repair process is deliberately and methodically carried out to ensure errors do not recur. Expertly trained XModdz technicians perform numerous stress tests aimed at inducing the initial error. In addition to servicing the Xbox One’s internal components, the skilled specialists at XModdz can also fix problems with the systems accessories. Whether a user needs service for the Kinect 2.0, a controller, the power brick or the console itself, XModdz is the best way to maintain the Xbox One and get users back into the game.