Xbox 360 Repair

Repair store is now closed, we currently only train other companies

If your Xbox 360 is overheating do not use it, some symptoms will be 2 rings or a loud fan. Overheating Xbox 360 systems can lead to the 3 rings of death due to solder joint micro fractures.

E74 is the result of a bad edram on the GPU chip and must be replaced.

Disc drive related errors such as open tray, dirty disk error or skipping are typically attributed to the laser or motors which tend to wear out over time.

Hard drive errors such as dashboard freezing, corrupted game saves and updates can become worse and eventually crash.

Overheating is not a major problem in itself and happens in older systems where dust, dirt and debris clog up the internals.

Power issues are the result of surges or shorts, and require internal soldering work however there are times when the power brick simply needs to be replaced.

Controllers get used heavily and abused, sticks and buttons may become worn out over time.

The above is only a small list of the Xbox repair services we offer, therefore when you have any console related issues please dont hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to help.

The Xbox 360 reaches temperatures of up to 180f degrees. That is extremely hot if you did not know. Most electronics hit the 90f degree range at most. Since the Xbox 360 and PS3 are high performance, graphic intensive devices they get quite a bit hotter that most modern electronics. Unfortunately they slacked in the cooling department. At XModdz we offer a cooling upgrade package to extend the life of your console and hopefully prevent an RROD from occurring.

The cooling upgrade typically consists of fan speed upgrade, GPU & CPU heatsink compound upgrade, and in special cases internal case modifications. We have successfully lowered the console temperatures from the 180f range to the 120f range. This is even lower than the Xbox 360 Slim. If you are considering other Xbox 360 repair companies make sure they specialize in BGA repair. Several game console repair compaines or independent game repair technicians offer little to no warranty.

These are not numbers we just threw out there, if requested an XModdz technician will show you in person the dramatic temperature difference between a stock console and a XModdz upgraded console.


BGA Rework Solder Removal


Quality is our concern when it comes to Xbox 360 repair services and electronic repairs in general. Wether its a complicated issue such as RROD, doesnt power on, or something a bit simpler where the DVD drive doesnt work properly, controllers dont sync etc; we fix these and many more.

Our repair process is very thorough to eliminate reproduction of the initial error. The repair process includes various stress testing methods where we essentially try to make the error reappear.

Xbox 360 Drive Repair

Whichever electronic repair shop you choose, make sure to do your due dilligence and choose quality over quantity. Sometimes the better price ends up being the worst repair. At XModdz we have a motto that there is nothing we cannot repair, this is both true and false. There are circumstances where we might receive a board that has been flexed or warped, a popcorned BGA chip or worse lifted pads or traces due to extreme or improper heat application to the target. These types of damage are typically unrepairable not just by XModdz but by any component specialist. On a few ocassions the damage can be remedied but the cost is typically not worth it and a replacement will be suggested.

Xbox 360 Repair Services:

Base Repair: Fix existing BGA chip or components reflow

Advanced Repair: Lift chip, clean BGA chip and site and replace reball

Mainboard Replacement: Exchange mainboard/ PCB

DVD Repair: Fix or replace lens, motors, drive assembly

Xbox 360 Swap: Trade in your Xbox 360 for a refurb

Upgrade Services: 

Cooling Upgrade: Enhances internal stock cooling system

Deep Cleaning: Full system clean including dirt and dust removal