Wii Repair

Repair store is now closed we only offer training to other companies

Wii repair is a lot less common due to the lack of graphic intensive games. But if your Wii Console is in need of some work, XModdz can get you back into the action. Specialized tools are needed to work on a Wii game system as with other video game repairs.

If you have a particular problem with your Wii simply bring it to XModdz and we will be sure to have your Wii fixed so you can get back to Wii Sports, Just Dance, or Mario Kart. Our main focus is customer satisfaction so you can be assured we will do just that. The typical issues that come in for regular repair are disc related issues. This is usually a problem with the DVD drive components such as the laser or motors which go bad through wear and tear. Less prominent issues are GPU related such as a lack of sound or video from the system and finally the error codes which can usually be remedied with an update.

Wii Repair Services:

General Repair: Fix various issues including power related problems

DVD Repair: Fix or replace lens, motors, drive assembly

Upgrade Services:

Cooling Upgrade: Enhances internal stock cooling system

Deep Cleaning: Full system clean including dirt and dust removal