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Samsung LED TV power issues?

LED TVs offer an incredible visual delight for viewers. In addition to crystal clear picture, LED back lit screens consume less power and are eco-friendly in nature. Moreover, watching the screen for a long time does not strain your eyes when compared to other television screens. All major brands like Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic and LG offer Led TVs. While you enjoy seamless entertainment, technical issues can be frustrating. One of the common issues encountered by LED Television is power failures. Here is one of the common issues related to power control board of Samsung Led TV. 

TV Turns on and then blinks 3 times and off

Consider an instance wherein the Samsung LED TV turns on and then blinks for 3-4 times and then turns off. While other LED television manufacturers like Sony and LG offer blink codes that enable you to identify the issue based on error codes, Samsung does not offer any error codes. So, when LEDs blink 3 times and are off, the issue is with the power communication. It cannot be resolved by clicking buttons on the remote. The TV is trying to come out of standby mode but it is unable to do so. So, you need to check the power control board to identify the problem. 

Main Board level trouble shooting

To resolve this issue, you need to open the Samsung television monitor case to access the main board. First of all, remove 3 screws that connect the monitor with the base. Lay down the monitor on the front side so that you can have the view of the rear panel. Check out for screws and remove them carefully. You will find 3 screws on the rear panel on most of the monitors. After removing all screws, use a table knife to pry open the case. Begin to pry from the bottom of the screen and move up along the edge of the screen. As you do so, you will hear pop up sounds made by plastics that come apart. Carefully remove the case and check for the power board. You can perform same troubleshooting steps with LG, Sony or Vizio TVs too.

Keep the service manual before you to identify actual components on the board. Generally, this issue is caused by bad capacitors. So, check out for bloated or burnt capacitors on the power board. In addition, check out for bad resistors or diodes. Put your meter on DC current and connect the negative end to the panel and the positive end to the connector. Check out the output. If you find an abnormal reading, replace that capacitor. Check out for short circuit and continuity by performing ohms test or beeps test. Replace bad capacitors and your Samsung LED TV should work fine. Normally, when one capacitor is burnt and damaged, other capacitors within the circuit go bad quickly. So, it is always recommended to replace all capacitors on the power board instead of replacing the bad one.

Always ensure that your meter is working fine before proceeding with the troubleshooting task. To check if the meter is working fine, brush two ends of the meter to hear a beep. Another important thing to remember is to turn off the power supply of the device before checking the voltage of a component.

At XModdz, we have several years of experience in resolving LED TV power issues to perfection. Be it LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba or Vizio, we have a quick solution for every technical need. Contact us to get your TV repaired in quick time and enjoy seamless entertainment.

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