Playstation 3 Repair

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Playstation 3/ PS3 repair is a very delicate process and when done PROPERLY can extend the life of your console greatly. If PS3 repair is done improperly it can render your system unrepairable by any shop.

There are several different issues that may go wrong with your Playstation 3 and will require it needing to be repaired. XModdz specializes in game console repair and can professionally and reliably perform Playstation 3 repair.

The PS3 Yellow Light of Death or YLOD and the PS3 Red Light of Death or RLOD are probably 2 of the most common faults afflicting the video game console. Less common errors are the Red Screen of Death or RSOD & Green Light of Death or GLOD. These usually require more in depth work. Any electronic repair shop will be familiar with these error codes and know the proper procedure for each.

It is unfortunate but true, Playstation 3 repair is needed because faults are a common occurrence, with the blinking Yellow Light & Red Light fault probably being the most serious and widespread problems. It is thought that many of the problems occurring with the PS3 console is largely due to a design flaw, making it vulnerable to failure. Had proper cooling systems and efficient processors been incorporated at launch PS3 repair would be not as common as it is now.

Thank Sony for making their system with planned obselesence so that you would buy another. They however did not think about XModdz which performs electronic repair with top of the line equipment and utmost precision.

If the power status light on your console flashes or blinks from green to yellow and back to green, this is known as the yellow light of death/ YLOD. If what you experience is a power status light that flashes red after using your console for 3 or more minutes and then shuts down, then you are likely to be experiencing the red light of death/ RLOD.

If you have any of these symptoms at any point or only breifly it is recommended to bring it in for repair, continuing to play the Playstation 3 in its dying state will only make things worse. Its best to attack the problem right away.

PS3 Yellow Light of Death:

It is believed that the main cause of the Yellow Light of Death is due to the chip getting so hot during heavy use of the console that the tiny solder points on the GPU liquefies, and over time loses its connection with the motherboard. This is however untrue as in order for the solder to melt the chip would have to reach a temperature of at least 217c which is impossible. The real cause however does have to do with heat, which causes micro fractures in the solder but does not in no way melt it.

Older PS3s tend to be more vulnerable to YLOD and it is believed that this may be due to older less efficient processors that generate more heat than the newer PS3 models. The official line from Sony however is that the yellow indicator warning light can be caused for a variety of reasons, without giving any further explanation. However PS3 repair techs know better than to believe that.

However, in a limited number of cases, a YLOD warning may be due to a faulty power supply preventing the console from properly booting up.

PS3 Red Light of Death:

The red light error may also be caused by overheating but equally it may also be because of a major hard drive failure. Depending on how often you use your PS3 and how well you look after it, a hard drive ought to last on average at least 3 to 5 years.

Of the errors, YLOD is the more serious as it tends to indicate an internal fault needing a professional repair. A flashing red light indicator on the other hand is often the precursor to more serious internal problems. So if you are experiencing a red warning light, all is not lost. In fact even if you are getting a yellow warning light, you may still be able to recover you PS3 system if you get it taken care of early enough. Your data is at risk in these situations unlesss you can repair the PS3, everything will be lost and very expensive data recovery is needed.

PS3 Red Screen of Death:

Seems to appear mostly on consoles with Samsung NORS CECHL**-CECH20**

May be caused by an error being thrown while writing to NOR

Mostly caused by a corrupt area of flash called VTRM

RSOD is usually a bios chip error. The nand or nor is basically the bios for a game console or cell phone. You know you have a RSOD simply by looking at the screen, it will not go away no matter how many times you restart it.

The GLOD or green light of death is another issue but is rare. The main culprit of this error is a BGA fault commonly the RSX or GPU which needs to be replaced with a working RSX. The task of replacing the RSX is very precise and delicate and a source of working RSX chips is hard to come by. Therefore very few can repair the GLOD. XModdz has had success with numerous GLOD systems as we have the proper tools and a steady supply of RSX chips.

At XModdz we have the proper tools and equipment to fix 95% of issues with the Playstation 3 game console. If you are in need of YLOD, RSOD, RLOD, GLOD repair or other Playstation related issues dont hesitate to contact us.

Common PS3 Repair Services:

Base Repair: Fix existing chip or components reflow

Advanced Repair: Lift chip, clean BGA and replace or reball

Mainboard Replacement: Exchange main PCB

Blu Ray Repair: Fix or replace lens, motors, gears, drive assembly

PS3 Swap: Trade in for a refurb

Upgrade Services:

Cooling Upgrade: Enhances internal stock cooling system

Deep Cleaning: Full system clean including dirt and dust removal