PlayStation 4 Repair

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Intelligently designed, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is intended to appeal to customers as a straightforward entertainment system that makes video gaming a priority. Utilizing an unambiguous approach in development, the launch of PlayStation 4 is a reflection of Sony’s efforts to provide a dramatically improved player experience, free from technological distractions and gimmicks. With any new technology there are errors or hardware failures, XModdz maintains a commitment to supplying quality solutions for Sony’s next generation console. 

PlayStation 4 Specifications

More angular than its predecessor, the physical design of the PlayStation 4 is in sharp contrast to the rounded look of the PlayStation 3. Slightly more compact than the slim version of the PlayStation 3, measuring in at 12-inches wide, 2-inches high, and 10.8-inches deep, the PlayStation 4 is lightweight and conveniently mobile. The portability of Sony’s PlayStation 4 is further accentuated by the console’s internal power supply. Users can easily move the PlayStation 4 throughout the entire house without the hassle of carrying a bulky power brick.

Keeping the hardware connectivity as straightforward as the overall design, the PlayStation 4 only requires users to plug in the power cord and hook up to an HDMI compatible TV to fully operate. Supporting only optical audio, a sound bar or AV amplifier can be attached to the PlayStation 4’s optical output to maximize the listening experience. As an established Sony standard, the PlayStation 4 is equipped with a Blu-ray optical drive. For connectivity the PlayStation 4 offers the choice between 802.11B/G/N Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, or Bluetooth 2.1.    

Upgraded from the PlayStation 3’s IBM Cell processor, the remarkable eight-core AMD Jaguar CPU serves as the heart of the PlayStation 4. Sony’s next generation processor is supported with a AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine, 8GB of DDR5 RAM, and a 500GB internal hard disk drive. 

PlayStation 4 Controller

With the DualShock 4 controller, Sony has managed to refine the PlayStation 4 game controller while maintaining its familiar symmetric analog stick configuration and button layout. The configuration of the DualShock 4 controller is a more spacious design, with thumb sticks and buttons placed further apart to achieve a less cluttered sensation. The rear of the DualShock 4 controller achieves an improved feeling of comfort and stability with the integration micro textured plastic for a sounder grip. The new trigger buttons, with their slightly outward pointing tips and subtle concave shape, allow for comfortable placement of the user’s index fingers.  

Sony’s DualShock 4 controller features a color changing indicator light on the top of the game pad that is capable of identifying players and game modes, or used in conjunction with the PlayStation 4 camera for motion capture. The advanced DualShock 4 controller transcends its predecessor with the distinguishing addition of a touch sensitive pad, centrally located above the thumb sticks. The smooth touch pad serves as a new input option, allowing users to click or swipe its surface for issuing in game commands. The DualShock 4 controller includes a new speaker port between the thumb sticks, which brings the audio experience closer to the player for an immersive effect. The DualShock 4 controller also features a conveniently placed headphone jack on the bottom of the device. All game audio can be sent to the DualShock 4 attached headphones, giving the player an intimate gaming experience. 

PlayStation 4 Accessories

An obvious competitive tactic, Sony has excluded the PlayStation 4 camera from the systems base hardware. Sony’s economic strategy speculates that customers will be pleased that they are not being forced into a purchase, while those who do pick up the PlayStation 4 camera are sure to be impressed. The PlayStation 4 camera has an elegant design that is intended to blend into any entertainment center. Sony’s remarkably compact camera system is packed with four microphones and two cameras. Combining the PlayStation 4 and camera, users are able to bring up a voice-controlled menu and issue commands to change user profile, power off, select a game, or take a screenshot.

For individuals who own a PlayStation Vita or intend to purchase one, the PlayStation 4 offers an innovative handheld device to console tethering feature. After a brief application download for the PlayStation Vita, users can generate a code from the PlayStation 4 and initiate the system connection by entering the code on the PlayStation Vita. Ideal for households with opposing tastes in entertainment, the PlayStation 4 allows users to free up the TV by instantly transferring an in progress game to the PlayStation Vita. 

Avoiding the Yellow and Red Lights of Death

The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) and Red Light of Death (RLOD) are two of the most common flaws that plagued the PlayStation 3. Learning from past mistakes, Sony has taken measures in the design of the PlayStation 4 to avoid the overheating, inefficient processor, and faulty power source that gave rise to the YLOD and RLOD. The PlayStation 4 is equipped with highly efficient processors that require less power consumption and thereby produce less heat.

Through prudent thermal engineering, the PlayStation 4’s internal power source is kept cool with a custom designed fan and heat sink assembly. While some users may resent the PlayStation 4’s absence of backward compatibility with the PlayStation 3, the reduction in hardware allows better airflow and lower system temperatures. The PlayStation 4 maintains a much lower operating temperature than its predecessor and should avoid the soldering micro fractures that led to the YLOD. 

XModdz Repair Services

Several early adopters of the PlayStation 4 have reported troubles dubbed the Blue Light of Death or Blue Line of Death (BLOD). Users experiencing the BLOD will notice a blinking blue light emitting from the PlayStation 4’s power indicator line on the top of the system, which normally shines white. The BLOD is further characterized by an absence of video and audio output to the TV, along with the PlayStation 4 automatically powering off. Causes for the BLOD could be issues with the PlayStation 4’s power supply, hard drive, or any number of hardware components. With so much hardware packed into a relatively small frame it can be difficult to produce a perfect product every time. XModdz is ready and able to fix the BLOD or any future PlayStation 4 related issues.

A remarkable piece of technology, the PlayStation 4 is not immune to potential errors and failures. Users attempting to clear errors or repair the PlayStation 4 of their own accord run the risk of destroying sensitive internal equipment. Informed PlayStation 4 owners should take advantage of the professional repair services XModdz has to offer, rather than risking improper repair attempts that may render the system useless.

Using proper equipment and specialized skills, the professional XModdz staff can competently address system failures of the PlayStation 4. Utilizing a top of the line computer controlled process XModdz can accurately repair the PlayStation 4’s printed circuit board (PCB), remove and replace ineffective soldering, clean chip’s ball grid array (BGA) and re-ball, or change out the entire PCB.

In addition to advanced chip and board repairs, XModdz is pleased to service the PlayStation 4 optical disk drive. XModdz comprehensive Blu-ray repair can fix or replace the lens, motor and drive assembly.

Like any piece of air-cooled technology, the life expectancy of the PlayStation 4 relies heavily upon the system’s ability to vent heat. Even in the cleanest home, dust and debris can accumulate inside the PlayStation 4 over time. XModdz offers an excellent cleaning service that promises to clear air passages and optimize fans, keeping the PlayStation 4 running smooth.   

XModdz have the experience and technology to maintain the PlayStation 4’s ideal operability or bring a faulty system back to life. XModdz detailed PlayStation 4 repair process includes extensive testing to ensure that the original error does not persist. In addition to servicing the PlayStation 4, XModdz can also repair most problems with the DualShock 4 controller, PlayStation Vita, or the PlayStation 4 camera. XModdz is dedicated to providing effective support to the PlayStation 4 and insuring users can enjoy the system for years to come.