PC Computer Repair

Repair store is now closed we only offer training to other companies

PC computer repair services at XModdz are of top notch quality. We have been fixing desktop and laptops ever since Windows XP was released. You name it, we fix it. Be it a defective dvd drive, memory failure, or even hard drive failure. Below is a list of some of our PC services.

  • Hard drive backup and recovery
  • Memory upgrade or replacement
  • Monitor repair
  • Virus removal
  • Spyware, malware, and adware removal
  • Firewall protection
  • Custom gaming machine
  • Media center PC or HTPC

As a electronic repair company, we take pride in offering top notch quality in everything we do. Right from resolving complex tasks like wireless networking to basic functionality like the slow performance of a computer, we show the same commitment and expertise to resolve every issue in quick and efficient manner. The key to success of any business is the seamless performance of a PC. Not many PC repair companies in the industry can understand this as we do. Our unique methodology of integrating high end technical tools with expert staff enables us to resolve any kind of technical issue within quick time.

Hard drive backup and Recovery

A hard drive is the backbone of your computer that stores essential data. For this reason, you need an efficient data management system. As a PC repair and maintenance experts we understand how important it is to safeguard your crucial data. We offer complete data protection solutions for your computer safety so that you can concentrate on core processes. We use proven methodology of installing a backup image that enables you to recover crucial data on accidental damages or system crashes. Disk backup facility saves your disk information including the system service structure. Our automatic backup solutions take care of data protection in the most efficient way. Come visit us to enjoy complete PC protection solutions.