Laptop Computer Repair

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Laptop computer repair at the component level is much more difficult and involved compared to game console repair. Laptops are obviously much smaller and thus require specialized tools to work on them. Not many technicians can fix a laptop mainboard but those who can and do it well must have the proper equipment, technique and patience.

The most common problems in regards to laptop computer repair are: No video, dead or dying hard drive, mouse pad not working, monitor cracked, touch screen replacement, wifi or speakers malfunctioning. These are just a few of the most common problems. The worst out of that list is the no video on the laptop, it turns on but nothing is displayed on the screen. That is a result of BGA GPU or graphic processing chip failure. The graphics chip is responsible for putting the images and text on the screen which explains why when it goes bad you have no video.

Laptop Repair Reflow ReballMost people either purchase a new laptop or replace the mainboard, both of which are expensive options. People do this because they are not aware of any other option. I admit i sometimes dont have options when it comes to my car, auto mechanics is something i do not know and i have probably wasted a lot of unnecessary money on my car. But that is because i did not know of any other option other than those provided to me.

This is where XModdz comes into play, no not to save your car but your Laptop or Notebook PC. Instead of replacing the mainboard which most companies and stores may inform you that it is your only option, they are telling the truth in a way. For them it is a lot simpler to order a new mainboard from the manufacturer and replace it. That or they dont have the expertise in laptop computer mainboard level repair. Board level repair is basically in the name, it is the deepest level of repair which happens at the board and the most tedious. All those tiny components and IC chips on the board are surface mounted and cannot be removed or replaced unless you use the proper tools otherwise you risk damaging the board beyond repair.

At XModdz we have the equipment and tools to do laptop mainboard level repair. Our technicians are normal people who have shopped in the same stores you have and been treated in similar ways. We want to offer the public low cost repair especially now in these economic times. For about 1/3 the price of a mainboard replacement at Best Buy or other repair store we can bring your broken board back to life. It involves either fixing or replacing those surface mounted devices with precision and delicate lifting equipment.

This is no easy task, and sometimes its either impossible or too time consuming to locate the faulty component, but we do our best to save you from buying a new board or laptop.

Laptop Power Faults are also a common problem and can result for power surges, liquid damage or component failure. The use of multimeters, oscilloscopes and ultrasonic cleaners are typically used for these repairs.