We offer a comprehensive line of training from fixing electronics to performing expert level PC maintenance and upgrade services. Some of our common PC training services include the following and more: Spyware and malware removal, virus repair, data backup and recovery, defective parts diagnosis and replacement.
We at XModdz only use state of the art equipment and tools. It goes without saying that not having the right tool for the job renders a high probability of having an unsuccessful repair and worst case scenario causing more permanent damage. To understand those so called fixes please view the articles at the end of the page. Some repair technicians use this method as a fix so find out before taking your console to get it fixed.

Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox repair when done by a qualified professional can prolong the life of your Xbox greatly. When you choose to get a game console repair service at XModdz, you can be sure your game console will be fixed using the proper BGA repair equipment and rework techniques.


Rings Of Death


Drive Errors


YLOD Issues


Laser Faults

PS3 Repair

PS3 Repair is a much more difficult game console repair, as it has a much larger mainboard and is highly populated with components and chips, this poses a higher chance of failure during repair. Having a controlled process to fix PS3 mainboards is a must.

Backwards compatible boards are in need of repair more often than the other models and that is simply because they were the original launch models back in 2005, so their life is reaching the end. 

Wii Repair

Wii Repair is the system that has the least amount of failures therefore it requires game console repair services less often and that is not because its a better built system its simply because its a much simpler system. It does not support high definition or surround sound. This alone eliminates almost all major repair issues as the chipsets never get overheated since they are operating at low power. The only main issue with Wii systems is the DVD drive going bad, as that is the only mechanical part inside the system.


Freezing Problems


Drive Firmware Faults


Broken Screens


Broken Keyboard

PC RepairLaptop Repair Services

We offer a full range of training for PCs and Laptops, since there are so many things that can go wrong, please contact us for your specific repair quote.

Does your PC boot but displays no video on the screen? This is a result of a bad mainboard specifically the BGA graphics chip has gone bad. Makes sense as the graphics chip is responsible for the video on the screen. Visit our Laptop Repair section for more information on laptop repair. We explain in simple language the repair options for laptops.

HP laptops are notorious for the faulty Nvidia GPU problem and on some models have admitted this fault and are offering free repairs. If yours does not qualify for the free repair, dont worry our technicians are trained and qualified to repair these problems.