XModdz has partnered with TBRM or The BGA Rework Machine to build and distribute a 3 Zone IR Rework Station which is designed in the EU and made in USA. The main reason for the development of this 3 Zone BGA Rework Machine is simply the fact that we are about quality, safety and reliability while maintaining affordability. Most if not all BGA rework machines are purchased from China which includes brands such as Scotle, ACHI, LY and Honton, XModdz under the name Systemmods offers or has offered many of these BGA machines which include but not limited too the IR6000, HR6000, IR6500, IR9000, IR PRO SC, R930, R940 etc;

Our customers and others have very similar issue which are not really huge issues in our opinion its just a matter of quality control and using higher quality components. Reliability, most of the components used in these machines are made in China which is not always a bad thing depending on the company, the main issues arise from cheap IR heaters which cause uneven BGA heating simple problems such as cheap SSR, unsafe wiring, loose connections.

The massed produced units tend to miss the quality workmanship that these units need, we purchase these units to repair electronics but if the unit themselves are not up to the task how can we expect to repair with them. The TBRM line will tackle these issues and more, i will provide a brief summary on how we will achieve this. High quality components will be used which include Elstein heaters, Opto22 SSR and Omega thermocouples and PID controllers. Wiring the units in line with CE/ CSA and UL specifications using thicker gauge wires, properly crimped terminals, high temp fiberglass insulation, and organized and properly labeling wires which are connected to the components to allow the machine to function. Testing each unit before shipment is a must at our factory, each unit will go through a profile to ensure the customer will receive a fully working machine and not only that but each switch and part will be tested.

Warranty on each TBRM will be a limited lifetime warranty, how can we afford to do this is simple we are so confident in our product we expect each unit to have 0 issues which means the warranty will not be used but is provided for peace of mind if any issue should occur.