XModdz offers a slew of electronic repair training and consulting services to both companies and individuals. XModdz repair and consulting services range from BGA rework equipment setup, installation, and proper thermal profile development to fault analysis and reliability testing. Consulting is available via phone, email, in person or skype. Different rates apply.

For those looking to enter the BGA rework repair industry XModdz can help get you started with the proper equipment and training necessary to offer quality BGA repairs with low return rates. We only recommend products that we would use ourselves. XModdz intends to build long lasting relationships with both our customers and our clients as we feel that is the key to success.

We have various training packages available for the different aspects of micro electronic repair. Ranging from traditional soldering to full chipset reworking.

Our most popular package set at $999 is the reflow package which covers all aspects starting from board preperation to final inspection. Each trainee will be introduced to Hot Air and IR rework technologies. Flux usage, temperature settings and moisture levels will be discussed and at the end of the training the trainee will be able to successfully reflow and repair a board. They will be given an introduction into reballing, but a separate training module is required in order to become proficient in reballing techniques. We offer this same package but via skype and email for $250.

XModdz is partnered with The BGA Rework Machine and with the purchase of a TBRM branded product the training is discounted by 20%. We do offer all makes and models of various rework machines including but not limited to ACHI, Honton, Scotle, LY, Jovy, Zhumao, and Shuttle Star, but they are primarily manufactured in China and do not include the same warranty and support as with the TBRM branded machine, available are some of the BGA Rework Machine Manuals.
Some of our training modules:
SMT Rework
Thru hole soldering
Ribbon Rework
Trace Repair
PCB Solder Mask Repair
Cracked PCB Rebonding
Ultrasonic Cleaning
BGA Rework
Profile Development

Sample information from a training module:

When preventing the occurrence of mounting problems and when resolving or improving such problems, it is important to know the behavior of the solder joint during reflow heating. Figure 5.9 shows a good solder joint formation example for a BGA package when the BGA package joint process is viewed with a high-temperature observation unit. In this example, when the main heating (above the melting point) phase is entered and the solder paste fuses, the solder starts to wet move up the balls, and when all the balls have fused, the device starts to sink. To acquire good joining, it is important to set the time above the melting point appropriately so that the devices adequately sink into the solder. In this example, about 20 seconds is required for the package to sink adequately.

BGA Joint Formation Process

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Basic Plan
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Pro Plan
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$100 /mo.
Exclusive Plan
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