As of late 2014, we have decided to close our retail store and launch our training and consulting division. The primary focus of XModdz will be to educate technicians/ electronic repair companies and help them achieve a much higher repair quality for clients worldwide. Select companies are chosen to be apart of our online based franchise. We supply them with trade secrets, training, parts, supplies and marketing. Look for XModdz signs in your local repair store to ensure they offer top notch quality repair services. Quality control is our top priority.

The decision to close our retail store, and move to Washington state was not taken lightly. We had customers from all over the world sending us electronics to be repaired, several who have had them previously repaired. Quality control and repair procedures were 2 of the most important factors we found lacking and the sole reason for becoming a training and consulting business. By helping other electronic repair stores offer quality and reliable repairs, a vast majority of customers will benefit and electronic repair will be come as common as auto repair.

Our previous direction:

XModdz is a community based business & have repaired well over 6000 computers, laptops, game consoles and other electronics all the while striving for an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee. XModdz launched a store front in 2012 in the Newington Shopping Center.

Initially a PC repair service center, building custom systems and repairing simple to advanced issues as well as installing and configuring networks. We expanded our service to repairing and customizing video game consoles and rooting smart phones. During the time of Xbox 360 and PS3, game console failure rates started to rise at that point made it the ultimate goal of XModdz to offer the most thorough and reliable repair process for both local and online customers. Using state of the art equipment and specialized training we are able to reduce the failure rate of electronics while offering the best service and support. We are constantly updating our services for our customers, most recently including disk resurface repair for scratched DVD & CDs and dashboard gauge cluster repair for automobiles.

XModdz generally works with businesses both local and national on contracted basis where we do volume repairs for those companies looking to outsource. However we also choose to work with the public because there are very few options for them. XModdz wants to offer a low cost service for customers in this down economy. We are among the few companies that has invested over $40,000 in tools and equipment.


We pride ourselves in offering fair prices and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to work with the customer not for them.


Satisfied Customers


Successful Repairs


Repair Shop Clients

 Satisfied Customers


XModdz has a unique policy when it comes to customers, we prefer to work with you than for you. Many of our customers are extremely satisfied with our work and glad that such a business exists locally for them.

 Successful Repairs

Everything can be repaired dont let anybody tell you otherwise. The goal of XModdz is to do just that, however their are certain circumstances where the cost may exceed a reasonable amount and simply recycling it is the best option. Previously repaired items or improperly repaired items are quite a challenge for us, and many times the improper repair has caused irreversable damage that we simply deem unrepaiarable at that point due to time considerations.

 Repair Shops

XModdz provides electronic repair services while many PC repair shops simply provide just that PC repair. For work that is out of their scope, they have found instead of telling their customer they can not fix it or that they simply want to provide them with the best experience sending those repairs to us to fix works out much better for them, they get quality reliable repair and they keep their customers happy.

Why choose XModdz?

The reasons for choosing XModdz are simple:

  • We build, sell, and work with professional equipment.
  • We are confident in our work and therefore provide videos, pictures and articles of our process.
  • XModdz is not just a repair shop, we manufacture products and equipment which are sold worldwide.
  • We consult, train and provide parts to many other companies.
  • Many of our trade secrets are freely available online in order to better the repair industry.
  • Our technicians are top notch and 4 out of 5 do not pass the XModdz certification process.
Why not to choose us?

Sometimes there are reason when a company may not meet your needs and there is no reason why we should hide them:


    Rush Repairs

    Due to the type of work we do, our repairs generally take longer than those who simply offer part replacement services


    Component level repair is top notch, if you are simply looking for a cheap temporary repair we would not be the best option


    Many of our customers travel far in order to receive niche repair services, if you simply need a virus removal or memory upgrade their are closer options
Do you warranty your work?

All services come with full warranty on the work performed. Extended warranties also available. Each warranty repair is evaluated to ensure the problem will not return. 99% of our customers have not had to use our warranty service, but its there just in case.

Do you repair everything?

We repair most electrical and some mechanical devices. If we dont have something listed feel free to give us a call or bring it by. Customers have brought us a variety of things to repair, have had some things modified as well as receiving totally custom work. If you can plug it in chances are we can fix it.

How are your prices?

Pricing is not always justified in regards to products or services rendered. The prices at XModdz are fair for both the company and the client. Does XYZ charge more or less than we do and are their prices justifiable. Well thats not for us to say, however we can confidently say that we are among the few local companies that use top of the line repair equipment. For example our rework machine shown in this link is an industrial fully automated split vision rework machine and none of our competitors use anything similar.

Reliability and warranty is our primary concern, we have our own R&D department where we focus on making the repair last. Simply repairing something is not enough, guaranting the work is part of that repair and warranty of course. But if the warranty is only useful if the original repair was done properly.

Our technicians are highly skilled individuals and must pass regular tests and internal exams. They utilize proven policies and procedures to meet the quality control guidelines. A sample of a repair procedure is available at this link for review.


Game Console Repair

XModdz Semi Auto BGA Machine