XModdz offers training in Electronic Repair, Video Game Console Repair, Circuitry, Robotics and More

If you need training or consulting in electronic repair we can help bring you to a new level of success not only by extending the longevity but also by improving the quality at which repairs are done. XModdz not only offers training, we design equipment and tools which help improve the repair process.

XModdz offers training in Electronic Repair, Video Game Console Repair, Circuitry, Robotics and More


Mainboard Repair

Component level repair is our forte. Fixing logic boards not replacing them saves time, money and the environment.


BGA Rework

Professional GPU/ CPU repair and replacements using PB/ PB Free. Fully automated process with custom profiles.


Circuit Diagnostics

Scopes, meters and schematics offer unprecedented diagnostics. Power supplies, are dangerous but repairable.


Micro Soldering

From basic wiring to trace repair we can perform it all. Thru hole, SMT and drag are a few of the jobs we perform.

Full Repair Process

Advanced Cleaning Technique

Industrial Automated Machinery

Are you a business looking to offer your customers top quality electronic repairs? Dont have the equipment or specialized tools to perform certain repairs? Contact us to speak with a B2B representative. We look forward to working with you.

October 2014

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Why XModdz LLC closed

XModdz LLC was started in order to provide quality repair services. With manufacturers developing products with planned obsolescence. Ace knew there would be a high demand for electronic repair services. The main goal of the company was quality. Either it is done right, or its done wrong there is no in between. Any device repaired by Ace was repaired properly and he felt confident in returning it to the customer. The repair store continued to grow, with customers traveling from out of state to have repairs done by XModdz. Overseas soldiers even sent in items for repair.

July 2014

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Want to buy a BGA Rework Station?

When choosing to buy a BGA rework station there are many factors to consider.The most common factor considered is pricing.

May 2014

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Uneven heating gone with Elstein heaters

The cheap bga rework machines plagued the the industry and gave IR a bad name. Brands such as Achi, Scotle, LY, Bauer use cheap chinese heaters.