XModdz specializes in Electronic  Repair, Video Game Console Repair, Circuitry, Robotics and More

If you need Xbox 360 Repair, PS3 Repair or any other electronic repair including TVs & Laptops, we can fix it and perform modifications to prolong their life. We perform Xbox 360 and PS3 upgrades as well. No video on your laptop? Did your hard drive crash? We have skilled technicians that will bring your laptop and hard drives back to life!

XModdz will always offer quality low cost repair services with no charge warranty support. XModdz is the only brick and mortar based game console repair store in the area. We are also the only local game store to offer disk resurfacing for $5 with a no fix no fee.

Being the most professional computer repair & game console repair shop we have contracts with local game stores in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC area and we continue to serve our national clients with the same quality and detail.


Mainboard Repair

Component level repair is our forte. Fixing logic boards not replacing them saves time, money and the environment.


BGA Rework

Professional GPU/ CPU repair and replacements using PB/ PB Free. Fully automated process with custom profiles.


Circuit Diagnostics

Scopes, meters and schematics offer unprecedented diagnostics. Power supplies, are dangerous but repairable.


Micro Soldering

From basic wiring to trace repair we can perform it all. Thru hole, SMT and drag are a few of the jobs we perform.

A Game Console repair shop that evolved into an Electronic repair icon

Full repair process

Advanced cleaning technique

Industrial automated machinery

Are you a business looking to offer your customers top quality repairs? Dont have the equipment or specialized tools to perform certain repairs? Contact us to speak with a B2B representative. We look forward to working with you.

July 2014

Want to buy a BGA Rework Station?

When choosing to buy a BGA rework station there are many factors to consider.The most common factor considered is pricing.

May 2014

Uneven heating gone with Elstein heaters

The cheap bga rework machines plagued the the industry and gave IR a bad name. Brands such as Achi, Scotle, LY, Bauer use cheap chinese heaters.

April 2014

The BGA Rework Machine

XModdz has partnered with TBRM or The BGA Rework Machine to assemble their 3 Zone IR bga rework machine